Rachel Gold - Sex & Relationship Coach and Therapist
Kensington in London & Kings Langley, Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire

"Welcome to my website, I’m Rachel Gold (formally Rachel Foux) and it's my absolute joy to share with you my passion for authentic sexual expression."

I am dedicated to helping to transform what I see as the limitations of goal oriented, performance focused sex, into something more alive, intimate and immensely more pleasurable. I believe that our sexuality is an incredible resource and once we dare to challenge our beliefs and patterns around sex and relationships, we will naturally realign to who we really are and heal our past experiences.

Having spent more than two decades training in a wide range of therapeutic modalities that support sexual health and wellbeing, I am confident that my method of sex and relationship coaching, is the most impactful and fastest approach to reawakening sexual intimacy and pleasure. I am deeply grateful for the many inspiring and wise teachers and healers that have encouraged me and influenced my work. My extensive professional training has included individual and relationship counselling, psychosexual therapy, coaching skills, alongside a portfolio of massage, natural health & healing, shamanism, vibrational medicine and yoga qualifications.

I had a fantastic time, it was quite challenging at times but I really got a lot out of it. A very liberating and beautiful experience! – thank you.

My personal sexual healing journey has included an immersion into tantric and Yogic traditions, for which I continue to be an avid student. I consider myself to be an Intuitive practitioner, profoundly inspired by the natural world, especially the magnificence of the sea and the forest. I love my work and feel immensely proud to be part of a new wave of sexual healers, that can offer clients both professional and leading edge services that really do transform lives.

As a mother of 3 wonderful children, my eldest is 24 and my youngest is 8, I am deeply touched by the journey of parenting and the impact that pregnancy, birth and beyond, has on intimate relationships. I have authored 2 books about sex in pregnancy and spent many years as a media spokesperson for sexual pleasure and healing in pregnancy. I have a great deal of compassion for parents navigating these challenging times, especially as we are the potential role models for the next generation, in how to live with a healthy, positive and pleasurable ethos to sex.

Much of my work is motivated by the massive lack of quality sex education, as well as the limitations of sex therapy and the medical approach to sex which too often focuses on the so called sexual dysfunction, rather than considering the whole person. In my opinion, everything is interconnected and the journey of sexual healing, will inevitably include and transform all aspects of life.

In addition to my practice offering 1-1 sessions for individuals and couples, I also host private retreats for women and couples in Somerset and Cornwall and facilitate regular meet ups for women, to explore our many changing roles and phases.