How I work

"My method of Sex and Relationship coaching is a blend of counselling, education, healing and bodywork. I work intuitively and all coaching sessions are personally created for my individual clients."

I offer sex coaching sessions for women, men and couples. On average, most clients visit me for between 3 and 9 sessions, depending on the complexity of the issue that we are addressing. Over time, I have observed that my clients get the best results from our work together, when they are able to commit to a series of coaching sesson.
A Sexual healing journey requires commitment and perseverance for the very best outcome to unfold. You are investing in a significant part of your life: your sexual expression, which is so precious. I feel enormously privileged to have witnessed such profound healing in my clients and I am delighted that their live are more full of love, joy, health and vitality because of their determination to commit.

A typical sex or relationship coaching session will include a balance of discussion, relevant sex education and teaching of techniques, practicing somatic exercises, I also include home assignments and plenty of time for questions.

Somatic Sex Coaching

I am passionate advocate of somatic style sex coaching, which in simple terms, means sex coaching that involves some form of body-orientated therapeutic touch. I sincerely believe that somatic coaching offers an experience beyond what is generally possible in traditional sex and relationship therapy, as it involves body-touch or body-based experiential learning, rather than just talking and understanding issues.
Recent neuroscience research has shown that sex coaching that incorporates some form of hands-on coaching, results in true transformation, rather than just gaining an understanding of your patterns which does not always lead to lasting change. Trauma and emotional wounds can be locked into the body and this requires gentle encouragement, often in the form of touch, to release these memories and begin the healing process.

All my coaching sessions incorporate an element of somatic coaching, although this is always discussed in detail and full consent gained, at the beginning of every session. Somatic coaching could be anything from teaching a couple how to hug, to exploration of the senses, to breathing practices that enhance your future love making.
All somatic experiences that I facilitate, are strictly boundaried and never reciprocal. All touch happens only from me to my client and is included in the session for the purpose of education and healing.

My Clients

I am committed to working at the pace of my clients, I respect their boundaries and personal preferences and because all coaching sessions are tailored to individual needs, I am able to adapt any aspect of the content at any time. I am always delighted to answer any general questions via email about my sex coaching method, my professional background, training, qualifications, influences, and inspirations, as well as my passion to bring forth greater consciousness around sexuality.


  • I offer a complimentary 20 minute introductory telephone talk, arranged after I receive your email.
  • The initial 90 minute session is £ 75.
  • My hourly face to face rate is £ 60 and my Skype/telephone rate is £ 60
  • Sessions are 60 - 90 mins in length
  • I am able to offer concessions from time to time, especially for young people. Please ask me about this and we can discuss what you can afford.